October 21-October 23, Monday – Wednesday 9 – 4PM

Landscape Painting Workshop 
$500 TAM Members $550 Non Museum Members

The workshop will discuss basic to complex landscape painting approaches. No experience is required, and whatever your experience, we will plan time for one on one instruction. Our time will be spent inside and will cover everything from materials to gear. Where to start a painting as well as learning to think about the philosophy that can be involved with picture making and the power of a limited palette.

Much of this thought comes from the teaching of American painter Robert Henri, the influences he had and his ideas of what makes “the art spirit”, so for a jump start you might read his book,The Art Spirit.

There’s a lot of fun stuff to discuss about the topic of landscape painting and most of our time will be devoted to the fundamentals, specifically in the areas of drawing, color, composition, and editing. Learning how to develop an idea or theme, and then most importantly, learning how to stick to it. 

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